Wide Bandsaw Blades

We supply wide bandsaw blades, to suit all machines.

Our new blades benefit from a very high quality Swedish steel, with a tooth profile that reduces the possibility of cracking.

Blades supplied for with special characteristics

  • For Hardwoods.

  • For Softwoods.

Both standard swaged tooth, and stellite tipped blades available.

We offer advice and assistance in the purchase and use of these of blades, to obtain the best life and blade performance.

Narrow Bandsaw Blades

We offer range of narrow bandsaw blades, both in Carbon Flex-Back Steel, and Set Toothed File Re-sharpenable Steel.

A full range of Hobby Thin Gauge Blade is available for all machines.

With ranges from 1/8” wide to 2.1/2” wide.

Carbide Grit

Carbon - various widths available, hobby gauge

Bimetal - various widths available

Diamond Grit

Blades for wood, plastic, metal & composites