We offer a full range of Spindle Tooling, from the best manufacturers.

For the following:

  • Planing
  • Tenoning
  • Jointing
  • Kitchen Cabinet Production
  • Profiling
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Panel Raising
  • Window Production

We are able to offer a choice of standard tooling or special design tooling, to a customers drawing.

Disposable Insert Tooling:

This kind of tooling, is best for used for Cutter Heads like Adjustable Groovers, where you need constant widths, a resharpenable Cutter, would slightly change after service. For Rebate Heads where a simple change of knives, means back in production within minutes. For Jointing Cutters, that require a “perfect join” as any service will mean over time the join becomes less than perfect.

Also the benefit of this tooling, is that once purchased in remains on-site, and does not have to be set away for service.

Brazed Tip TCT/HSS Tooling:

This type of tooling was for many years the Industry Standard, before the advance of Disposable Tipped Tooling, and PCD Tooling. This still has a very important role to fill, for profile work on Softwoods or Hardwoods, for short runs of a particular job. HSS Tooling would be for Soft Woods only.

We are able to offer a complete “drawing to supply” service (as with all other Spindle Tooling) on a very quick and economical service.