BOARD PRO BLADES - TCT Circular Saw Blades For Wood Cutting

Board Pro blades are primarily for the cutting of chipboard & laminated boards (including MDF), although they can be used very succesfully for cutting fire proof material, printed circuit board material plus many other hard to cut materials (including Trespa & HPL). We stock a wide range blades so please contact us for a quote.

We also stock blades specifically designed to cut Corian.

SASH PRO BLADES - TCT Circular Saw Blades For Aluminium

The main types of geometry are as follows.

  • D.Type Geometry: For Solid material or thick walled sections.

  • BC5 Geometry: For smaller solids and medium (less than 4.0mm) wall sections.

  • DX Geometry’s: For thin walled and fragile extrusions.

  • Cold Saw: For Solid Billet. (Foundry)

 Within these tooth styles there are several additional choices. Starting with the pitch (number of teeth), and also the type of blade as below.

  • Standard Sash-Pro.

  • Hyper Critical Blade. Amazing performance.

  • Stable Saw. The newest, thinnest and most High Performance Blade available today for Profile Cutting.

To obtain the very best and most appropriate blade, we would require the following information. The details of the material being cut, the RPM of the blade, and the flange diameter. With these parameters we can advise you the very best blade specification for your particular use.

We are happy to visit and assist you in the best choice of specification for your cutting requirements.

The blades run within a very tight tolerance of axial run-out, with the result that noise levels, which is irritating, and has been linked to hearing loss or impairment, has been reduced to the lowest possible level, typically 85dB.

The Carbide grades are also very special, and only available on our Kanefusa blades.

The blade body also exhibits very low vibration, due to the special LS-P slots. These slots create a very stable blade plate, thus the stress is equal throughout the whole blade. This is a critical feature in cutting difficult or fragile aluminium sections.


ST1 knife using “Advanced Material Technology” will give excellent performance, 5–10 times that of standard 18% HSS Serrated Knife. The special “H.P” Coating on the ST1 Serrated knives gives a self sharpening effect on the cutting edges.

These knives produce a very smooth and shiny surface; they will also greatly reduce noise levels during cutting, due to the reduction in cutting resistance. They are perfect for machining Solid Hardwoods, whilst regular knives have the ability to “tear-out” the grain, ST1 knife will provide a smooth and beautiful finish throughout the entire run-time.

We also stock 40mm wide knives, with 4.0mm & 6.0mm thick knives also available.

These knives can offer an economical alternative to TCT tipped Serrated Knives, offering in some cases 75% of the life of expensive Carbide Knives, these can be profiled as standard HSS Serrated.

Significant gain in machine run time, due to longer life.

The User Value of “Advanced Material Technology” at a glance.

  • Drastic reduction to grinding costs.

  • Reduction or elimination of subsequent Sanding operations.

  • Lower power consumption.

  • Faster feed rate possibility.

  • Easier to grind than Carbide Knives.

  • Runs very quiet.      

We stock this material in 635mm Lengths (Balanced complete sets are available on request).

LUBRICANT (Mist Spray)

  • Supralube10P - for aluminium
  • Supralube50 - for mild steel
  • Supralube60S - for stainless steel